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Below you will find a visual tour of the dlgWoodWork shop. Some would call this a garage, but there has never been a car in here, so it is My Shop. It is 20′ X 12′. It has changed over time. I have added, removed, and then added back various tools.

Shop Overview

dlgWoodWork shop

When I first started woodworking, I looked at the shop at a whole. What I mean is, I had it in my head that my shop is only 20′ X 12′ and I let that limit me. But as time went by I started to look at it in sections or areas. I cleaned up some and reorganized with the mind-set of creating an area of the shop and that has made it feel like a much bigger shop.

Since then, this shop has turn out 4- 24″ base cabinets, a 7′ wide by 7′ high entertainment center. Those are the two largest projects I completed in my shop. The shop has put out projects from turned pens, to keepsake boxes, to small cabinets, to small gifts, to large curios cabinets up to the aforementioned large entertainment center.

Storage Areas:

storage corner/Storage Wall

DSCN0157 DSCN0158


This corner is a storage areas. A cheap shelf and a free metal cabinet house some little used items. I park my Ridgid 13″ planer/miter saw mobile cart here too. Moving down the same wall lead to my storage wall. Two crosscut sleds then a pegboard wall with various hand tools. A failed bathroom cabinet now serves as storage for my router accessories below the pegboard. Further left is the clamp storage.

Drill Press Area:

Drill Press


Drill press table


Ridgid 15″ drill press and homemade table. No, that is not where the chisels stay. The drill press is sort of between both workbenches and close to the door into the house. So the drill press table often serves as a catch-all. I would venture to say almost everything I pick up in my shop has at one time been laid down on the drill press table.

Toolbox Area:

Grandpa/Finishing supplies shelf/Toolboxes

DSCN0162 DSCN0163 DSCN0164

One of my few prized possessions in this world, a picture of my grandpa in his woodworking shop years ago. Above the door is where I store my finishing supplies. I put them up high because my daughter is in the shop with me a lot. The a couple of toolboxes I have acquired over the years. They hold sanding supplies, table saw inserts, small project items and various tools.

The Roubo Wall Area:

Roubo wall


This area is still a work in progress. I have completed the Roubo workbench (more to come on this). I plan on a small lumber rack overhead near the ceiling. Also, sitting on the workbench is the hand tool cabinet I am building. I will go above the workbench. This wall is 12′ so I still have some room to add some more storage. But I do not want to fill this wall so full that the storage gets in the way of my working when using the workbench.

The Lathe Area:





Lumber rack


Here is my Rikon lathe, lathe stand and way too much scrap wood. Above the lathe is a heater, then above that is my home-built lumber rack. It can hold about 180bf of lumber, and it holds it very securely. I will do a post on this in the future too. I turn mostly pens, but I have made a bowl or two and a few other round things.

Bandsaw and Dust Collector Area:

Dust collector



DSCN0171 DSCN0173

Craftsman 14″ bandsaw and a Jet 1-1/2HP dust collector. Behind the dust collector is where I have some leftover plywood and hardboard. Just to the right of the bandsaw is some extra wood, hence the reason for the lumber rack over the Roubo. Behind that wood is a small compressor. You can’t see it, but trust me there is one there, ask my neighbors, they can hear it when it runs. 🙂

Table Saw/Router and Assembly Area:

Table Saw/Assembly table

DSCN0175 DSCN0176 DSCN0177

Ridgid TS3650 table saw with a homemade router table extension wing on the right side. The router is a Freud FT1700 router. The assembly table sits in line with the table saw. It is built at a height where it serves as a outfeed table as well. Right now my new Ridgid spindle/belt sander is sitting on it. That and the other small sander will not stay. I am working on a small mobile cart for the sanders.

I hope you have enjoyed looking around my shop. As it changes, I will update here and post about the changes. If you would like to see more of any of it, or have any questions, please comment below.

Thanks for looking around the dlgWoodWork shop. Comments are very welcome.

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