Floating Platform Bed

My daughter needed a new bed. She had an old bunk bed, but she decided she did not like it anymore, so my wife sold it and put me up to the task of building a new bed. I had an idea to make a bed to look like it is floating. I had seen something similar one time and the idea kind of stuck with me. My wife added the idea of putting the lights under it.

Here is the finished result.


Scroll down for build photos and to reveal the magic of how the bed “floats”. Clicking on any of the pictures will open it up to a larger image.

The bed is basically two frames. The bottom frame is one foot narrower on each side and one foot shorter on the footboard end of the bed. This is so you will not see the bottom frame unless you get down onto the floor. On the headboard end of the bed, the bottom frame lines up with the top frame. This will help add the headboard later. This bed is for a full size mattress, but could easily be made for other sizes of mattresses.

The bottom frame. This is made from 2x6s screwed together. Where is crosses in the middle, each board has a notch cut out to join the two boards together.

Bottom Frame

Floating Platform Bed

Then I made the inside part of the top frame. This will lay over the bottom frame and have the cherry boards wrapped around the outside. The cherry boards will be all that you can see of any part of the frame.
Top Frame Inside


You can see in that picture that there are holes drilled toward the outside of each board. This will be to put the LED rope light through later.

Here is a picture of the two frames together.

Floating Platform Bed

I then attached the cherry boards around the outside of the top frame. I only took one picture of this part. I put a few boards on the outside edge of the upper frame, between the outside support pieces to have a place to attach the cherry boards. I did not want to have any hardware showing from the outside, to help the “floating” illusion.

Attaching Cherry Boards

Floating Platform Bed

Then it was time to take each frame piece into the bedroom and start assembly. I put the bottom frame in place, then laid the top frame over it. I secured the two frame together with two boards on the headboard end and two boards on the opposite end. Then I ran the LED rope light through all the holes.

Bottom Frame attached to Top Frame




I put 1/2″ plywood on the inside of top frame instead of using slats. This all fits inside the cherry boards. I prefer to use plywood instead of slats for a bed support. Slats can move and give way over time. I have found that plywood is a much better way to go. ( I did not snap any pics of the plywood.)

Here is the finished bed.



This floating platform bed was a fun project and my daughter was very happy with the bed. Please comment and let me know what you think or to ask any questions. I did not include any dimensions, but would be happy to share if you are interested.

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